Guitar Accessories

Shire Guitars offers a range of guitar accessories at affordable prices to help you get maximum enjoyment from your instrument.  Pop in to see us and stock up on the essentials!  And remember - anything we don't carry in stock, we can probably order for you - contact us today to check!

Guitar strings

Snapped a string?  Shire Guitars stocks a variety of string gauges for acoustic, electric six string and bass from brands including Ernie Ball, D'addario, Rotosound, Dunlop, Martin and Elixir. Other string brands are available upon request.

Guitar plectrums

The gauge or thickness of your guitar pick has a direct impact on the tone you produce when playing.  At Shire Guitars you can choose from a variety of plectrums for six string and bass guitars from brands including Dunlop and D'addario, with other brands available upon request.

Guitar consumables

Capos, straps, strap locks (Dunlop, Schaller, Ernie Ball), cables, tuners, slides, polishing cloths... whatever your guitar accessory requirements, Shire Guitars probably has it stocked.  Pop in and see for yourself!

Guitar care

For the guitarist who takes extra special pride in their instrument, Shire Guitars stocks the Dunlop 65 guitar cleaning system (polish & lemon oil fretboard cleaner) for after-service guitar care.  It's the next best thing to having it cleaned by Shire Guitars!

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