Guitar Maintenance & Repairs

If you ignore the warning light on your car's dashboard, sooner or later you're going to find a sizeable repair bill on your hands.  It's exactly the same with instruments - a little tender loving care goes a long way.

Shire Guitars undertakes guitar maintenance and repairs for a wide range of customers from bedroom players through to internationally-acclaimed artists - get in touch today for a quote.

Guitar Maintenance

Regular guitar maintenance lessens the chances of more intensive and expensive repairs being required further down the line.  It helps your guitar stay in tune for longer, play better and can help avoid breakages, cracks and more.  In other words, regular maintenance equals best performance.

A guitar service from Shire Guitars includes:

  • String replacement (with your preferred brand of string & gauge)
  • String height (action) check & adjustment
  • Fret clean & polish
  • Fret level consistency check
  • Lemon oil clean & conditioning (rosewood & ebony fretboards)
  • Truss rod check & adjustment
  • Intonation check & adjustment
  • Electrics check & clean
  • Hardware check & adjustment
  • Structural check for cracks
  • Full clean & polish
Brendon Riley of Shire Guitars servicing a Marlin electro-acoustic guitar

Guitar repair

If something does go wrong with your guitar, you need to know where to go to get the problem fixed. That safe pair of hands that’s going to lovingly restore that pride and joy to full working order with the care and attention that you would take to repair it yourself (if you knew what you were doing, or had the time!). You also need to know that you’re not going to get charged a king’s ransom for the pleasure.  Contact Shire Guitars today for a quote.

Shire Guitars has a growing list of happy guitar owners who are delighted when their instrument has been returned for them to enjoy many happy years of continued playing.  The repair work we undertake is broadly categorised into four areas:

Bridge work
  • Replacing saddles, bolts and/or screws
  • Repairing or replacing full bridge pieces (from a small crack to the whole bridge piece of an acoustic guitar being re-glued to the body)
Body work
  • Clean and polish
  • Minor chip/scratch repair
  • Scratch plate replacement
  • Acoustic body rebuild
  • Crack filling and paintwork touch-up
Neck work
  • Levelling or reshaping frets
  • Conditioning and repairing cracks in finger boards
  • Re-profiling and/or re-glueing/replacing different elements of the neck/headstock
Electric work

Electric work carried out ranges from a faulty volume or tone dial control needing replacement through to a full rewiring.  Shire Guitars can also re-solder cables and replace jacks as required.

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